Hello everybody!

I realized a Matrix class to practice and I have a problem I can not solve!

Here my problematic code:

template <class T>
Mtrx::Mtrx(dim m, dim n, const bool random_constructed = false, const T min = static_cast<T>(0), const T max = static_cast<T> (10))
#include "Mtrx4.hxx"
#include <stdexcept>      
#include <utility>       
#include <iomanip>     
#include <random>    
#include <ctime>     

std::allocator<double> Mtrx::alloc;

inline Mtrx::Mtrx():
  NRows(0), NColumns(0), mtrx_begin(Mtrx::alloc.allocate(0)), mtrx_end(mtrx_begin), constructed(false) {}

template <class T>
Mtrx::Mtrx(dim m, dim n, const bool random_constructed, const T min, const T max):

  NRows(m), NColumns(n), mtrx_begin(Mtrx::alloc.allocate(m*n)), mtrx_end(mtrx_begin+(m*n)), constructed(random_constructed)



    		control(typeid(double) == typeid(min) && typeid(double) == typeid(max) ||
			typeid(int) == typeid(min) && typeid(int) == typeid(max),

	    		"ERRORE! Il costruttore pu� generare matrici random solo di tipo int o double");

    	if( typeid(int) == typeid(min) ){

      			std::default_random_engine e(std::time(0));

        		std::uniform_int_distribution<> u( min, max);

			for(ppp i=mtrx_begin; i<mtrx_end; ++i)	*i=u(e);

    		} else {

      			std::default_random_engine e(std::time(0));

      			std::uniform_real_distribution<> u( min, max);

			for(ppp i=mtrx_begin; i<mtrx_end; ++i)  *i=u(e);



And here the relative main section:
Mtrx rand1 ( 5, 5, bool);		// ok

Mtrx rand2 ( 7, 3, bool, -5, 20);	// ok

Mtrx rand3 ( 7, 7, bool, 0., 15.);	// compilation error: undefined reference to 
					// "Mtrx::Mtrx<double>(unsigned long, unsigned, bool, double, double)"
					// collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

I compiled in a Linux OS with g++ -std=c++11

Sorry for my bad english.