Hello everyone, again me, with new project. Just to remind you, I am still in Gymnasium and I learn everything by my self so please explain any possible solution as much as you can. Thanks

So here is the thing, I imported some (random) Excell file in VB and imported specific Cell in Textbox. Now I want to split one Textbox in two or more Textboxes. Example:
Textbox1.Text = "John<br />Peter"
Textbox2.Text = "John"
Textbox1.Text = "Peter"
I did it this way:
Textbox1.Text = ws.Cells(6,6).value 'So textbox1.Text = "John<br />Peter"
TextBox2.Text = TextBox1.Text.Substring(TextBox1.Text.IndexOf("/>")) 'So textbox2.text = "/>Peter"
TextBox1.Text = TextBox1.Text.Replace("<br ", "") 'So textbox1.Text = "John/>Peter"
TextBox1.Text = TextBox1.Text.Replace(TextBox2.Text, "") 'So textbox1.Text = "John"
TextBox2.Text = TextBox2.Text.Substring(2) 'So textbox2.Text = "Peter"
But the thing is I have to do this for at least 44 Cells and for up to 6 names so it would be preety hard and long to write this kind of code for all Cells. So I have an idea how to make it short and simple:
Private Function Separate(ByVal x As Integer, ByVal y As String) As String
While a > n
     textbox(n+1).text = textbox(n).text.Substring(textbox(n).text.IndexOf("/>"))
     textbox(n).text = textbox(n).text.replace(textbox(n+1),"")
     textbox(n).text = textbox(n).text.replace("<br ","")
     textbox(n+1).text = textbox(n+1).text.Sunbstring(2)

Dim stgSearch As String
Dim stgCount() As String
Dim a, n As Integer

TextBox1.Text = ws.Cells(6, 6).value
stgSearch = Textbox1.text
stgCount = Split(stgSearch, "<br" , -1)
a = UBound(stgCount) + n
Call Separate

Textbox7.Text = ws.Cells(11,6).value
stgSearch = Textbox7.text
stgCount = Split(stgSearch, "<br" , -1)
a = UBound(stgCount) + n
Call Separate
And so on (reason why I made n = 7 is to "book" 6 labels for first Cell), for as many Cells I need. The problem is that textbox(n).text and textbox(n+1).text doesn't work for me, so anyone can help me out here?

Thanks alot! Bezzi94

p.s.: I apologise for possible grammar and code mistakes