Hello all. I'm working on an app in VB .NET 2005. One of the requirements is that it be able to print reports stored in an Access 2010 database (..accdb). I know there are ways to automate Access via .NET to print them, but I am not finding a way to do so if the user does not have Access 2010 on their PC.

Is there anyway at all to accomplish this? Is their, perhaps, a third party tool we can acquire that would help with this?

If we absolutely, positively, have to have Access 2010 on the end user's box, is there a way to print (or output to PDF) an Access 2010 report silently? As in the user never sees Access come up?

We've considered migrating the Access reports to something else, but have decided not to for a variety of reasons (there are 120+ complex reports, most conversion tools didn't work, lacked certain features, etc.)

Any tips would be great. Thanks so much.