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    Can i create a graphical extension for Visual Studio 6.0 debugger?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm digging an old project and i can't switch to a newer visual studio.

    I want to plot float data array during debug.

    I know some IDE's have such option. There is a separate window in which we can plot data.

    Can I write such plugin for Visual Studio 6.0 using visual studio SDK?

    Does it support 6.0 version?

    PS: any links to examples or description how to do that would be great.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Can i create a graphical extension for Visual Studio 6.0 debugger?

    I don't know of any debugger with that feature, though of course that doesn't necessarily mean there is none. At least I'm pretty sure the VC++6 debuger doesn't support that, probably not even with the help of a plugin.

    If that were my project, I'd rather write that as a debugging extension to my app, so I wouldn't need to worry about any debugger plugin interfaces. I'd either wrap that feature into preprocessor conditionals so the release version doesn't have the feature at all, or make it an undocumented feature, sort of an "easter egg", or only enabling it with an undocumented registry entry or the like.

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