What do i do wrong here?

I have Mq4 platform calling functions from DLL some how it doesnt make any differents when I make the call....

// DLL Code

#define MT4_EXPFUNC __declspec(dllexport)

using namespace std;
std::string My_String;
#define stringify(mymonths ) # mymonths

#pragma pack(push,1)
struct RateInfo { unsigned int ctm; double open; double low; double high; double close; double vol; };
struct MqlStr { int len; char *string; };
#pragma pack(pop)

int BarsCount = 2000;

MT4_EXPFUNC bool _stdcall StartRulls(int bars)
bool result = false;

if (bars > BarsCount) result = true;


//Mqh Lib File /* My_Lib.mqh */

#import "My_DLL.dll"

bool StartRulls(int bars);


//mq4 code My_Mq4.mq4

#include <My_Lib.mqh>

I call this function

bool counts = StartRulls(bars);

Print("counts =",counts );

2013.02.09 23:03:24 2010.03.31 16:37 My_Mq4.mq4 EURCAD,M5: counts = 1

My result always stays 1