Hello Guys I am using DataReport for my Receipt but i dont use DataEnvirontment And This is My Code..
Private Sub receipt()
Dim rsReport As New ADODB.Recordset

rsReport.Open "Select Receipt, ProductName, Quantity, TotalPrice From Dailyrecord", acd, adOpenForwardOnly

If rsReport.RecordCount > 0 Then

    Set DataReport1.DataSource = rsReport
        With DataReport1
            .Sections("Section2").Controls("lblreceipt") = "Receipt"
            .Sections("Section1").Controls("txtproduct").DataField = "ProductName"
            .Sections("Section1").Controls("txtqty").DataField = "Quantity"
            .Sections("Section1").Controls("txtotal").DataField = "TotalPrice"
        End With

            End If
End Sub
Help Me guys to find what what is the problem of my code.. thanks