I am using Dev C++ and I have been told not to use the system("PAUSE") because my antivirus was flagging my code. I am using cin.get(); instead, but I still cannot see the output.

What am I doing wrong?

#include <limits>

using namespace std;
double series(double , int);
double c;
int n;

int main(){
   cout<<"Enter 2 numbers, c and n :";
   cin>> c >> n;
//std::cout << "Press ENTER to continue...";
//std::cin.ignore( std::numeric_limits<std::streamsize>::max(), '\n' );
return 0;        

double series(double c, int n){
    double term=0;
    double sum=0;
    for(int i=0;i<=n;i++){
         term=pow(c,i) ;
     return sum;