Hello all,

I am just starting out using VS2012 Pro & .NET 4.5 coming from an Eclipse/Java background. I am in the process of porting a Java program to .NET.

After reading on MSDN about RichTextBoxes, I've decided to go that route for displaying my syntax colored text. In the MSDN example, it shows the need to have "using System.Windows.Documents;" declared.

The problem I am having is that Documents is not one of the choices presented by the IntelliSense system. I only have Forms, Input, and Markup available as descendants of System.Windows.

I just started using VS this morning, so everything is still Greek to me.

Right clicking on my project in Solution Explorer and choosing Properties, the Target Framework is listed as .NET 4.5 and the Output Type is shown as Windows Application.

Any info you can provide on how to enable System.Windows.Documents would be greatly appreciated.