I have been employed in the last few years as a developer of Windows and Web applications using Delphi and SQL with SQL Server. I also have some HTML and CSS. I am currently looking for work, and find myself needing to retrain, as Delphi is very little used in my area (Hampshire, England). Last year I attended a 5 day course "An introduction to C#.NET programming", which gave me a useful starting point. I need to take this further, but am unsure which direction to take. Which way is the world going? Should I focus on Windows applications (Winforms, WPF) or on Web applications (ASP.NET)?
Alternatively, would I be better off learning Java?
Another option would be to learn about SSRS, SSIS, etc and go down the DBA route.
I know it is down to me at the end of the day, but any comments or suggestions would be welcome!