Hi All,

sorry for but I want really get learn how be a developer.
I'm get involved in a simple app but I'm getting struggle can someone help me with some clarifications.

the spec are the follow:

The purpose of the application is to allow end-users to quickly enter and manage a list of name/value pairs. Create an ASP.NET Web application or a Windows Forms application. The UI should look similar to the one shown below. The application code should be written in C#.

txtBox + button(add)

listView +button(Sort by name)
+button (sort by value)
+button (delete)

Required Features
Name/Value pairs are to be entered into the upper textbox. This textbox will be used by the end-user to quickly add Name/Value pairs to the list below.
When a Name/Value pair is about to be added to the list it must be validated to ensure proper syntax. If the syntax is incorrect then the Name/Value pair must not be added. The Name/Value pair entry format is shown below:
<name> = <value>
Where <name> is the name portion of the pair, and <value> is the value portion of the pair. Only valid Name/Value pairs can be added. Names and Values can contain only alpha-numeric characters. The equal-sign is used to delimit the pair, spaces before and/or after the equal-sign may be entered by the end user (and should be ignored.)
•When the ‘Sort by Name’ button is pressed the list will be sorted ascending by Name.
•When the ‘Sort by Value’ button is pressed the list will be sorted ascending by Value.
•When the ‘Delete’ button is pressed all selected items in the list box will be deleted.