Having built an application with Context Sensitive Help, and having added and edited the help (*.htm) files with M$ Expression Web 3, and further setting up Contents and Index files using M$ HTML Help Workshop (version 4.75, Jan 12 1999), I discovered that I can summon the *.chm help file using a method such as (assuming I have added #include <htmlhelp.h> and linked the associate htmlhelp.lib):
void CMyDlg::ViewHelp()
	::HtmlHelp(NULL, _T("MyApp.chm::/FAQs.htm"), HH_DISPLAY_TOPIC, 0);
}// ViewHelp()
However, F1 will not summon the help file (as it did in the past), instead I receive the message:
HH_HELP_CONTEXT called without a [MAP] section.
Further, if the application is installed using and msi file, the desktop shortcut that is rigged to call ViewHelp doesnt work at all ! ( No message, no error, no natha).

Now there is a great deal of web chatter about the failure of F1 help with Win 7 OS (which is what I'm using to build and test deploy). This is apparently something of a 'security issue' (isn't everything), so that one of the M$ updates made it this way.

For a nauseating lengthy discussion of the problem (as if this one wasn't), see


My question (lest I forget) is whether or not it is advisable to forget built-in Context Sensitive Help altogether and simply post application specific help on an Internet server.

What are you guys doing ?