I need some help. I am newcomer in C#.

The application is the PhoneBook. All the data serializable and stored in the List<>. Ithe main idea is to realize MVC pattern.
The question is how to implement events for deleting and editing contacts? Event for adding a contact is already exist and works.

To delete contact - inside the buttonDeleteContact_Click handler I need to get a selected object, than wrap it in DeletePersonEventArgs
and call the event (identical to AddClicked) DeleteClicked that will contail a code that delete a contact.

1. How to describe a type of Delete event ?
  internal class DeletePersonEventArgs : EventArgs
2. What should be in
buttonDeleteContact_Click handler

3. What should be inside controller's method that handles the DeleteClicked event?

void form_DeleteClicked(object sender, DeletePersonEventArgs e)
The same issues for Update code.

Could you please provide a code example for this events and help me to realize this logic.

Source code attachedPhoneBook v1.8.zip