Hello! I am new to c# so this may be a basic question, i am also new to this forum so hello all!

I am in progress of planning a "deal or no deal" game with c#.

I currently have this code:

int[] array;
array = new int [3];

array[0] = 1;
array[1] = 7;
array[2] = 9;

Random random = new Random();
int number = random.Next(array.Length);

This just randomly prints out a value 1, 7 or 9 if the array value is 0, 1 will always be printed out to the screen.

I want it so when the game starts up the numbers would be randomly assigned so when the game starts up one game the 0 value in the array could be 1 7 or 9.

Obviously with deal or no deal there will be 20+ value boxes there for i would need to randomly assign 20+ assigned numbers to random boxs

Sorry if i havent been clear, if you need clarification please leave a comment