I'm writing some code to create stored procedures in a database. In order to test it out, I deleted a stored procedure (right clicking in

SQL Server 2008 and clicking on delete) and then ran my code to see if it would create it.

My code looks like this:

SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand();
SqlConnection conn = database.TypeLibraryDatabaseConnection;

command.Connection = conn;

// create the command to create the stored procedure
command.CommandText = database.GetProcedure(node.Name);

// create the stored proc in the database

database.GetProcedure(node.name) basically gets a string containing the SQL script to create the stored procedure.

command.ExecuteNonQuery() throws an SqlException that says: "There is already an object named 'SecuritySession_DeleteSessionById' in the

database." But I deleted it! Why does it think it's still there?

Thanks for any help.