The new release of Aspose.Slides for .NET 7.5.0 is out now. This is a maintenance release with primary focus on chart rendering support. Many of chart rendering issues including accessing charts plot area, chart legends rendering, accessing chart data and chart failing to get opened in Edit mode have been resolved. Some of PDF and thumbnail generation issues have also been mitigated in this new release. This release includes plenty of new features &bug fixes as listed below:

Facing Performance Issue due to AddTable() method of PPTX
Aspose.Slides for .NET takes time to process and save presentation
Incorrect position of a chart labels is fixed
Getting plot area properties return NaN is fixed
Bold text is appearing as normal in generated chart thumbnails is fixed
Value axis title is now rendered correctly as in actual slide
Slide theme image is replaced by a normal image in slide is now fixed
LineWidth returns NaN on accessing the presentation shape is fixed
Chart legends get disturbed on slide cloning is fixed
Table top border lost on adding row in table is fixed
Exception: "Placeholder index must be between 0 and 7" obtained on accessing PPT
The date time format changed in generated tiff image is fixed
NullReferenceException on generating the slide thumbnail is resolved
Chart data labels are now properly rendered in thumbnail
NullReference Exception on accessing empty PPT presentation using PresentationEx is resolved
Chart failed to open in edit mode in Aspose.Slide saved presentation is fixed
Nullreference Exception on accessing presentation using PresentationEx is fixed
Custom property is now returned if the property value is set to -1.12346E9
Chart background missing in generated PDF is fixed
Charts missing in generated PDF is resolved
System goes to Infinite loop while saving slide to SVG is fixed
Chart series line is too bold is now fixed