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Size:  4.2 KB connects sellers of add-ons, add-ins and macros for Microsoft Office and Server products with interested buyers.

"Stop Saving To Hard Disk, Start Selling Your Creations!"

Dear reader,
Every programmer probably has an archive with home-brewed software. You too? Then please keep reading and learn how you can make some money out of it.
Instead of programming only for your employer you should sell the software you made on the Internet using the portal. is an online webstore where you, the programmer, can sell add-ins, add-ons, extensions or macro's for Microsoft Office, Microsoft Server and even AutoDesk AutoCAD, since these extensions are created in Visual Basic (for Applications).

"How To Sell Your Code"

Selling your code is as easy as pie. All you need to do is to create a profile on the site. Then upload your code as a zip-file to the online store, determine the cost price and start selling! If your code is meant for business users you could even upload it again with a multiuser license and a much higher price!

  • Free Registration!
  • Safe payments through PayPal!
  • No Monthly Fee!
  • Unlimited Amount Of Digital Products To Sell!
  • Ability For You To Register As An Affiliate!

How Much Will You Earn?

The seller, you, will earn 85% of the price the buyer will spend. But there is a way to increase what you can earn. By becoming an affiliate you can earn 10% of what the buyer has spend!


  • Step 1: Register at,
  • Step 2: Upload your product,
  • Step 3: Determine the price you want,
  • Step 4: Inform your social network!
  • Step 5: Register as an affiliate!

Register Now And Receive An Unique Bonus!

The first twenty resellers who register and upload 3 digital products will receive a $ 20,- GiftCard that can be spend at
The GiftCard will be sent to you once you uploaded two digital products to sell. Hint: adding a single user license and a multi user license are already two digital products!

In short, offers:

  • Your portal in selling home made software
  • Free registration
  • No monthly fee
  • Receive 85% of the selling price
  • Ability to register as an Affiliate
  • Unlimited amount of digital products to sell
  • Safe payments with PayPal (for sellers, affiliates and customers)

Your way to turn your homemade software archive in to $$$$$

Press Release

Microsoft Add-In Marketplace Opens its Doors to Programmers and Customers Who Need Extensions connects sellers of add-ons, add-ins and macros for Microsoft Office and Server products with interested buyers.

Programmers who love to code, but hate to sell, now have a place to promote their Microsoft Office add-ins, add-ons and macros for Office and Server products. is an online storefront that brings entrepreneurial programmers together with the people who need to extend the usability of programs like Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook, SharePoint, Exchange and various other Microsoft-based products. The newly launched site is the brainchild of self-professed computer nerd, Jan de Wit.

While there are a variety of marketplaces for buyers of apps, scripts and themes, the space for Microsoft add-ins has been sparse. There were no central locations where buyers could find a variety of Microsoft extensions in one place, explained De Wit. That is the main reason why I wanted to bring this site to life. Buyers do not want to spend hours looking for the exact extensions they need and programmers simply want to sell their self-created work with as little headache as possible. bridges that gap.

There is no up-front cost for programmers to add their Microsoft extensions. Once a programmer registers as a seller, they may upload as many as they like. Each time a customer purchases one of the extensions, a commission gets deducted and the remainder of the money is put into the programmers account. Programmers who register their extensions will pay a 15 percent commission on each sale. Programmers are paid after the sale.

Extension buyers will receive their items immediately upon ordering. Everything is downloadable directly from the website, added de Wit. Although registration is necessary for purchasing an extension, visitors to the site are free to browse without signing up.

Programmers can learn more about or sign up to sell their extensions by