Hello Guys.. I am Using Data Report an not using Data Environtment
This is My Code
Sub receipt()
Dim rsReport As New ADODB.Recordset

rsReport.Open "Select Receipt, ProductName, Quantity, TotalPrice From Dailyrecord", acd, adOpenForwardOnly

If rsReport.RecordCount > 0 Then

    Set DataReport1.DataSource = rsReport
        With DataReport1
            .Sections("Section2").Controls.Item("receipt").Caption = "Receipt"
            .Sections("Section1").Controls("txtproduct").DataField = "ProductName"
            .Sections("Section1").Controls("txtqty").DataField = "Quantity"
            .Sections("Section1").Controls("txttotal").DataField = "TotalPrice"
        End With

            End If
End Sub
What is the problem in my code? Because when i run it,, Run Successful but in my receipt The Receipt number Show the Receipt name instead of the number in my database like 2013-0001 iam using MSACCESS database 2003 Help me guys.. The rest of my code is perfectly run.. Except in the section 2..

help me guys... hope you understand thanks in Adavance ^_^