Im new wiith handling trees, ive been trying to implement this heap class with just 2 memeber functions, Insert() and DeleteMin() using pointers but i dont know how to implement it keeping the complexity of logn for insert. amy ideas of how this should be implmented it? i know that u should add a new node to the last position in the tree and then bubble up swaping till i reach the position where the elemn must reside.
however, im hacving trouble putting that into code using pointers.

so far i have this.

//Define a node object
class Node {
int data;
Node *parent;
Node *lchild;
Node *rchild;

friend class PointerHeap;

//Node methods
Node::Node() {}
Node::~Node() {}

//PointerHeap class
class PointerHeap
sz = 0;
root = NULL;
void insert(int elem);
int sz;
Node *root;

//this function is not completed having problems implementing it.
void PointerHeap::insert(int elem)
int position = sz;
Node *temp;
temp->parent->data = elem;
temp->lchild = NULL;
temp->rchild = NULL;

if(root == NULL)root = temp;
if(position % 2 == 1)