I have a sql database and working in Crystal reports 10.

I am populating a form that will be sent to our parents.

I have a field that contains "wife's first name "and" husband's first name". ex. Kim and Robert

The report should look like:

Cell for Robert xxx-xxx-xxx
Cell for Kim xxx-xxx-xxx

if {phone_full.phntype}= "cpd" then
"Cell for "+if instr({name_full.namefirst},'and',1)>0

I can get the first line regarding Robert.

I haven't been able to split the record to include only Kim's name

if {phone_full.phntype}= "cpm" then
"Cell for "+if instr({name_full.namefirst},'and',2)<0

This pulls Cell for "Kim and Robert"
Not sure if I'm using this correctly but I just want to pull out "Kim" from the {name_full.namefirst} field.

Can someone help?

Thank you so much!

Lisa H