Recently my company has been very busy designing our site (which we hope to launch this week) and designing our current product. With the product being finalized and as we look to take it to prototyping stage, we are looking for a team or individual to help us to develop an operating system for a new product.

The product itself is a mobile phone with a fresh new design, housing a thin build with a curved back. We hope this will be a stylish alternative to the current basic square based phones.

However we strongly believe for this to succeed it needs a unique and exciting OS which will allow the users to best exploit it. We are prepared to take on an OS in the stages of creation, but are also fine with totally creating a new one. We just lack the knowledge to do so; hence this post.

If you are interested I would be very excited to hear from you.

tcl-1996@live.co.uk me or skype (tomclarkxo)

Many Thanks