I am using vb 2012 express.

When the user displays the Name/Address web page of a 3rd Party, I would like for the user to start my program and then Click a button in my program that will transfer Name/Address info from my VB database into the appropriate fields in the 3rd party Web Page. When the user sees that the transfer is complete, the user will then click enter (or whatever) to send the data to his 3rd party server.

I don't want to reverse-engineer or deal with the 3rd party web page code. I want this to be totally User controlled.

I assume I need to find the hWnd of the 3rd party Web page and of the different input fields.

1. What code do Use to find these hWnds?
2. What code do I use to transfer data from my program to the like fields in the 3rd party Web page?

I've researched Google but can't figure it out! Thanks for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!