People your help would be appreciate very much. I just started working 15 hours a day and dont have alot of time for coding, so your help will be very much appreciate. below is the code i have now and i cant figure out what i have done wrong.

The error i am gett is below the code.............
import java.util.Scanner;
public class SquareObject {
// This is an example of how to return an object FROM a method
// and pass that same object TO another method

  public static void main(String[] args) {
	Square s;           // declare an object reference variable of type Square
	int area;
SquareObject Square = new SquareObject();
// Call a method, getSquare(), to create and return a new Square object
s  =  getSquare();
	// Pass the new Square to a method to calculate the area
	 area = sqArea(Square);  
	 System.out.println("The Area of the new Square is: " + area);
  	} // end of main method
  // Other methods in the driver class
public static Square getSquare() {
    	// This method prompts the user for the size of a Square, and
    	// instantiates and returns a new Square object of  that size 
	 int sideLen;
	 s UserSquare;  // declare an object reference variable of type Square
	 Scanner scan = new Scanner(;
    	 System.out.println("What size square do you want -- i.e. the length " +
		                    "of each side? ") ;
	 sideLen = scan.nextInt();  // get the user's entry
	 userSquare = new s(sideLen); //found error on new usersquare  //instantiate a Square of requested size
	 return ;   // return the new object
  	}  // end of getSquare method
  public static int sqArea(SquareObject Square) { 
    	   // This method receives a Square object as a parameter
	   int area;
	   area = s.len * s.len;
	   return area;
  	}  // end of sqArea method
} // end of the first (driver) class
class Square {  // start of the Square (instance) class
    int len;
   // Constructor method - creates a square of a given size
   public Square(int side) {  
	 len = side;
	 System.out.println("Creating a square of size " + len);
} // end of Square class

I am fairly new to Java and i am a little confused on this
output: errors

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problems:
s cannot be resolved to a type
userSquare cannot be resolved to a variable
s cannot be resolved to a type
This method must return a result of type Square

at SquareObject.getSquare(
at SquareObject.main(

Thank you all in advance for helping me