Hello Guys,, I need Your help..
I Have A Code to Adding Item in Listview but I dont know how to update the Date.. Heres My Code
ListView1.ListItems.Add , , lblrp.Caption
ListView1.ListItems.Item(ListView1.ListItems.Count).ListSubItems.Add , , txtCode.Text
ListView1.ListItems.Item(ListView1.ListItems.Count).ListSubItems.Add , , txtproductname.Text
ListView1.ListItems.Item(ListView1.ListItems.Count).ListSubItems.Add , , txtqty.Text
ListView1.ListItems.Item(ListView1.ListItems.Count).ListSubItems.Add , , txtprice.Text
ListView1.ListItems.Item(ListView1.ListItems.Count).ListSubItems.Add , , lbltotal.Text
ListView1.ListItems.Item(ListView1.ListItems.Count).ListSubItems.Add , , MDIForm1.lbldate.Caption
Guys, Give some Advice How to Do that.. Thanks in Advance..

My Problem is How to Update the Item in Listview ...