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    Unique random numbers in an array

    Below is my code for a program that is suppose to generate and display six unique random numbers (between 1 and 54). The issue seems to be in my check for duplicates. I know what I am doing wrong but can't seem to find a way to fix it. I think it is getting stuck in an endless loop because the way I have written it looks like it checks the first value against itself which will of course look like a duplicate everytime. I am relatively new to programming, but catch on quickly....just a point in the right direction would be of immense help. Thanks.

    using namespace std;
    //function prototype
    int getRandNumb();
    int main ()
       //declare array
       int randomNum[6];
       //declare variable
       int checkNum = 0;
       for (int x = 0; x < 6; x += 1)
    	   randomNum[x] = getRandNumb();
    	   if (randomNum[x] == randomNum[0] || randomNum[1] || randomNum[2] || randomNum[3] ||randomNum[4] || randomNum[5])
    		   x -= 1;
    		   cout << randomNum[x] << endl;
       } //end for
       return 0;
    } //end of main function
    //*****function definition(s)*****
    int getRandNumb()
        return rand()%54 - 1 + 1;
    } //end of getRandNumb function

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    Re: Unique random numbers in an array

    	   if (randomNum[x] == randomNum[0] || randomNum[1] || randomNum[2] || randomNum[3] ||randomNum[4] || randomNum[5])
    That's not how you write multiple conditions in C++. randomNum[1] is an expression by itself, so unless it's 0, the entire statement will always be true. The way you wrote the first check is the way you need to write them all.

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