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    reading .pdb debug data


    I am trying to read debug data from a pdb file, specifically the debug data for windows system libraries such as kernel32.dll, where the .pdb was provided by the microsoft symbol store.

    I have set this environemnt variabel:

    _NT_SYMBOL_PATH =  srv*c:\sym*http://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols
    where c:\sym\ is my local symbol cache.
    I have fired up windbg and loaded some random file to populate the smybol cache, and i now have the public symbols for a lot of windows libraries in c:\sym\

    Microsoft provides a very nice example for working wiht pdb files, to be found here: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\DIA SDK\Samples\DIA2Dump\
    (MSVS needs to be installed....)

    SO i compiled that example and tried it on itself:
    example.exe -all Debug\example.exe.
    And sure enough it worked and spit out quiet some info.

    Next thing i tried was to load a system lib:
     example.exe -all c:\windows\system32\kernel32.dll
    But that failed with this error:

    loadDataForExe failed - HRESULT = 806D0005
    which stands for "PDB_NOT_FOUND" (or similar). Great.
    So i copied kernel32.dll and kernel32.pdb from c:\sym\...\ to c:\, ran -all c:\kernel32.dll again and - poof - it worked!

    Although that environemnt variable should really be enough, i tried passing my cache-path directly to the function mentioned in an above error:
    hr = (*ppSource)->loadDataForExe(szFilename, L"c:\\sym", &callback);
    But again no luck.

    Which leaves me with the questions:

    ==> why wont it read the debugging data, unless it's in the same directory?

    I am left feeling a little stupid for having to copy the dll + it's pdb into a temp directory, running the command, then deleting them again.
    But maybe that's just what developing for MS Windows feels like.

    resolved the access issue. kernel32.dll had been deleted from my %windir%. Dont ask me how, or why a direct CreateFIle() call succeeded...
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