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    Question I need advice on how to convert MFC dependent source to non-MFC

    Hello to anyone who reads this!

    IDE = Visual Studio 2008 Express

    I am a novice programmer(still...) , and I am trying to build the Code Project project located at this address:

    The project page is titled " Remote Control PCs ".

    I would like to use this program plus I wanted to practice programming using the code base. However, I don't have MFC so I thought I would just convert it to non-MFC.

    =========What I Need Help With==============

    ----First Issue-

    I don't fully know what needs to be done or how to go about doing it. So I was wondering if someone could browse through the code(the source is relatively small) and give me some advice on what all needs to be changed.

    And I was also wanting some advice on perhaps how to make these changes.

    For example, It seems to me that any class inherited from MFC would need to be reimplemented. I think I also need to reimplement any code that uses "stdafx.h"

    I don't fully know how to do the above so if someone could give some pointers that would really help(I think).

    ----Second Issue-

    In the second paragraph Andy Blantly wrote that

    Quote Originally Posted by Andy Blantly-Code Project
    I built a custom project out of the zlib library and compiled it as a Windows library with the /MT settings. Both 32 and 64 bit library files, in Release and Debug mode, are included. The ZLIB.H and ZCONF.H files are also included. For examples of single-threaded usage, see the CZLib class. For examples of multi-threaded usage, see the classes CDriveMultiThreadedCompression, CMultiThreadedCompression, and CZLib.

    1)How should I go about compiling this zlib custom project?
    2)Where does the /MT option go ?
    3)How do I use the output ( zlib.lib - I guess)?


    Thank you very much for your time, and
    a very good day to everyone!
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