I have a table invoice whose fields are customer_name, invoice_id,total,balance .
invoiceid is the primary key whereas custoemer_name is the foreign key..

I have received table whose fields are payment_id, customer_name,date etc
and recieved_details table whose fields are payment_id(foreign k),invoice_no, amount

Now I want to group the invoice for each custoemr ...i want result something as customer balance details:

Inv1 2000 1500
Payment1 500
Inv2 3000 3000

Inv3 1000 0
Inv6 500 500

custoemrnames =sharukh,salman
invoice id=inv1,inv2,inv3,inv4
total= 2000 ,3000,1000,500

The basic structure should be
invoiceid total balance

I need this in a vb.net windows application..after getting this result how can I display it ..in a grdivew ? or with someother control but how?

I want to generate something like "Customer Balance Details" report in quickbooks