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    Converting grid ref to heading/bearing

    Hi, I'm new, I hope this is the right forum for this!

    I am trying to re-create a model I wrote years ago, (lost the source code), One requirement is an algorythm that will calculate the angle, between two points on a plane, from the x,y coordinates of the start and finish; I will be writing in Pascal or Object pascal, but I am NOT asking for code, just the algorythm. However, if you do NOT have the design but do have code, I will be happy to look at that


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    Re: Converting grid ref to heading/bearing

    I think you have to provide some additional information. Two points make a single line or at least can do so.
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    Re: Converting grid ref to heading/bearing

    Thanks s_m_a ??

    You're right! The bearing I am calculating is between the line specified by the two points and the X axis West to East. That axis being zero degrees.

    This is dictated by the progarming language that I favour where the 0 / (nought) axis is horizontal, not vertical like we use in normal navigation.

    I hope that is clear. Sorry for the obvious omission.

    I fear I need a spell checker on this interface!

    Thanks and best wishes, Jim

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    Re: Converting grid ref to heading/bearing

    Sounds like the good ol' conversion from cartesian to polar coordinates (which is independent from any programming language anyway).

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    Re: Converting grid ref to heading/bearing

    Thanks eri523,

    I had not come across te cartesian to polor convertion thing but it is allmost exactly what I am doing now with one great difference.

    I am NOT calculating the angle as if the start point is at 0.0. If I do that and simple translate the start x,y, it makes my method far neater. Thanks for that.

    I think there is another problem with the code which I have not discovered the cause of, I'll be back!


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