Hi, I need to render content of CRichEditCtrl on device context of some CWnd. This code works ok:
		CDC *dc = wnd->GetDC();
		CRect cr;
		wnd->GetClientRect( &cr );
		cr.right *= 15;
		cr.bottom *= 15;

		fr.hdc = dc->m_hDC;
		fr.hdcTarget = dc->m_hDC;
		fr.rc = cr;
		fr.rcPage = cr;
		fr.chrg.cpMin = 0;
		fr.chrg.cpMax = -1;
		m_cEditor.FormatRange(&fr, TRUE);
		m_cEditor.FormatRange(NULL, TRUE);

The problem is that I want to scale the output. I was trying to send message to my control before blitting: SendMessage( EM_SETZOOM, numer, denom ). It scaled the control itself, but the blitted context was still the same size as original content CRichEditCtrl (befeoe scaling). Is there any way to blit/render scaled content of CRichEditCtrl to any device context (screen/paper) ?