I have some code does not compile. I think it's missing an included library, but not sure.

In the int main() block of code, the following three items give errors:
1. Mtrx (the one following "new") - Error: expected a type specifier
2. result - Error: expected a ";"
3. &result - identifier "result" is undefined

Below is the code with the head to show you what has been included:
HTML Code:
#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>
using namespace std;

#include <limits.h>
// create the structure of the matrix
struct Mtrx
	int numRows;
	int numCols;
	float array[101][101];
// create the tables of the matrix
struct MSTbl
	int mTable[100][100];
	int sTable[100][100];

void Input(int &, Mtrx *);
void Output(int, Mtrx &);
void DetEff(int, Mtrx *, MSTbl &);
void RMM(int, int, Mtrx *, Mtrx *, int, MSTbl);
void MM(Mtrx &, Mtrx &, Mtrx &);

int main()
	int numsMtrx;						

	Mtrx *Mtrx = new Mtrx[500];	
	MSTbl MSTbl;						
	Mtrx result;							

	Input(numsMtrx, Mtrx);
	DetEff(numsMtrx, Mtrx, MSTbl);
	RMM(1, numsMtrx, &result, Mtrx, MSTbl.sTable[1][numsMtrx], MSTbl);
	Output(MSTbl.mTable[1][numsMtrx], result);

	return 0;