hi guys.
I'm new in VB and I have some text file (F:\path\Boeing747\Lufthansa.txt) consist of data as below:

2013-03-01 00:05:01|Florence
2013-03-01 00:20:01|Tokyo
2013-03-01 00:35:01|Oslo
2013-03-01 00:40:01|Los Angeles

is there any code that I can use to add more columns so that the data would be looked like below:

2013-03-01 00:05:01|Lufthansa|Boeing747|Florence
2013-03-01 00:20:01|Lufthansa|Boeing747|Tokyo
2013-03-01 00:35:01|Lufthansa|Boeing747|Oslo
2013-03-01 00:40:01|Lufthansa|Boeing747|Los Angeles

kindly need your advice.