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    Friend class and pointer function

    Hi! I need help with understanding this block of code, particullary this line: *getLeftChild() { return this - _child; }

    public class UpperNode
    BOX _box;
    int _child;
    FORCEINLINE UpperNode *getLeftChild() { return this - _child; }

    Here I have this function:

    UpperNode::visulization(int level)
    	if (isLeaf())
    		if ((level > 0)) {
    			if (level == 1)
    			if (getLeftChild())
    			if (getRightChild())
    It also makes calls for "getLeftChild()";
    But I see that getLeftChild expects function pointer, and I absolutely have no clue where "this" comes from inside function body.

    (return this - _child) - "this" has to be integer.
    Or, if we gave pointer, and "this" is reffering to some UpperNode, then I can't understand to which one, I have no UpperNode array defined or something. So if this functions is actually scaling pointer address, then scaling where to? I could comprehend it, if I had some array of UpperNodes, but not just class. I have UpperNodes array defined in other friendly class, but don't think they are related
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