Not a dev question, but developers do use phones....

I replaced my home line with VOIP through my ISP and it works fine, but still costs a small monthly fee. Now I want to kill my office landline. I have a skype account that I rarely use with a nice headset I have that I can connect to the computer. I basically use it to make business calls when I'm not in my office. It works for outbound calls. I pay very little for Skype (like < $30 a year) and it includes the ability to call people in the US at no charge. As such, it is about as cheap as it gets. I also see there are Skype phones listed on Amazon.

Has anyone replaced their land line with a Skype phone - specifically a desk phone? If so, what did you buy as your phone and how well doe sit work? I want a desk phone because I often put calls on the speaker so I can navigate the computer while in a meeting (screen sharing and such).