I'm still quite new the WCF Services

School assignments that I done on WCF were writing simple methods of WCF service which accepts strings or int or bool values.

However, I came across this wcf service that wasn't done by myself, and now I am required to write C# client to consume this service.

This WCF has a GetFees method which takes a Student Object as parameter (from WCF's Student DataContract)

See image below for Student and Fee's data member

My assignment is to Get Fees of particular students. The information i'm given are

StudentID=1, FirstName=Fernando, LastName=Gadd, Grade=4

StudentID=3, FirstName=Allan, LastName=Pascoe, Grade=1

Currently stuck on how to approach this question, but i'm thinking something like

Fee[] newFee1 = client.GetFees(new Student("1", "Fernando", "Gadd", "4".......

Fee[] newFee2 = client.GetFees(new Student("3", "Allan", "Pascoe", "1".......

Thank you whoever can help