Hello everyone!

Iím trying to write an Active X DLL that functions like this:
In a Module.Bas:
Public anyVariable as Double
Any number of forms could/would have a reference to the DLL in the Form.Load event.
Form1: Set MyThingy = New DLL
Form2: Set MyThingy1 = New DLL
Form3: Set YourThing = New DLL
The form would call the function:
Form1: Call MyThingy.Increment(anyVariable)
The DLL would increment Module.anyVariable, then generate an OnChange event.
All forms that have a reference (such as MyThingy) would receive the event.
Form1: MyThingy.OnChange() would fire.
Form2: MyThingy1.OnChange() would fire.
Form3: YourThing.OnChange() would fire.
The code I have written generates an OnChange event for the form that made the call, but none of the others respond.

Can someone assist with this?