I m loading a png image by using the ATLImage library.

CImage Image;
Image.Load (L"D:\\Images\\PNG_Images\\Image7.png");

how to retrieve the byte array value of this png image.

I tried retrieving it as

byte *png = reinterpret_cast<BYTE *>(Image.GetBits());

but when i access the data , der is a loss of data while converting it in the above manner.

I found a snippet in net for decoding the raw data . but der is a line is the code which is unknown to me.
The code is as follows :

CImage atlImage;
HMODULE hMod = GetModuleHandle(NULL);
void* pPixel = atlImage.GetBits();
int pitch = atlImage.GetPitch();
int depth = atlImage.GetBPP();

INT32 bytes = (iImageSize.x * depth) / 8;// iImageSize.x is unknown
const BYTE* src = (const BYTE*)pPixel;

BYTE* dst = (BYTE*) pBitmapData; //valid memory buffer
for (int jj = atlImage.GetHeight(); --jj >= 0; )
memcpy(dst, src, bytes);
src += pitch;
dst += pitch;
How do I get the byte * value form the png image loaded?

Thankx a ton in advance for reply
Sandhya .