In my project I'm using PVOID pointer to store real time data.

After getting this data I will convert the data into byte array, like below
byte *bPoint = NULL;
PVOID pvData;
byte TempArr[1024];
bPoint = (byte*) pvData;
for(int i=0;i<1024;i++)
    TempArr[i] = (byte) (*bPoint + i);
Processing time for the above code takes 9500 to 9900 microseconds (Used QueryPerformanceCounter).

TempArr[0] = ((BYTE*) pvData) [0];
This code takes 1100 to 1200 microseconds.

My doubt is, The processing time of PVOID data into byte array conversion takes time like above?

Or any other easy way(PVOID data into byte array conversion) to reduce the processing time?

Please clear me.