My purpose is to reach a result like this:
Dim clsA As New Class1
Dim clsB As New Class1

Set clsB = clsA
but using pointers to object and the CopyMemory API call.

The reasons why I've to pass trough this way are several and hard to explain.

I tried this code:
Dim ptrA As Long, ptrB As Long

ptrA = ObjPtr(clsA)
ptrB = ObjPtr(clsB)
CopyMemory ptrB, ptrA, 4
but nothing happens, because (although clsA is initialized) clsB always seems to be empty (any property value of clsA is set to clsB).

I also tried to call the ObjPtr() function inside the Class1 module like this:
ptr = ObjPtr(Me)
but neither this time I gave results.

Can you help me?