I could do this on my own, but I thought I'd throw this to you guys to help out. I'm trying to do this fast (next 24-48 hours) as I want to test a new content type we are launching here on CodeGuru. What I need is a test. This first test is to test a person's knowledge on C#.

Let's keep this to BASIC knowledge, so a very intro level quiz as a start. I'd like to come up with about 10 questions that have multiple choice answers.

If you want to suggest a question, post it to this thread along with possible answers. The next post will be an example from me to get things rolling.

Again -- This is a BEGINNING / BASIC test. We can follow this with tests on specific topic areas as well as more advanced tests. If someone scores perfect on this test, we can say they know what C# is....

Thanks for your input!