I have it set so that remote desktop is enabled. I do not have terminal services as a role. I must explain that I am a bit rusty as I have not done a windows server for about 10 years. All firewalls are turned off. I know there must be a simple fix. I could login on my LAN network before I set it up at my friends place. It does have a static ip and I can ping it, plus while working on the server I can go out on the net. Please note I do not have to remote desktop from the server. I need to have people login to get to the server. Also, I do have some clients that use Mac's and some that are windows home editions. I do not remember how to setup with the domain etc... If I don't use it - sorry I lose it. I have searched the web for a few days and can not find anything that works. Also, does anyone know about Shaw the ISP in Canada as this is who it is on. I normally setup in datacenters in the USA but like I say am like a new baby as everything has changed. I would really love some help here. Regards Pamela