Hi group,

I am using vs2012, .NET 4.5. I have a GPS program that is receiving updates from a GPS each second via a serial link and is printing these values to a number of information forms within a MDI. One form which is only a series of text boxes will mysteriously stop updating. This occurs intermittently and only on some devices and may not happen until several hours into a session. Once it does happen the problem will continue to occur (more regularly) even after re-starting the program.

There are no problems with the serial comms as other forms continue to update and the GPS time continues to update. The program is reliable and was updated last year to .NET from vb6. When the problem first occurred I ran the update from a separate thread thinking this would fix it, but the problem has re-emerged. The data is unfiltered and printed directly from the port as it is received. The port data is continually printing on a separate window. Has anyone got any ideas what may be happening or experienced this type of behaviour before?