Website Project:

I recently built a website with Weebly Pro (not Weebly Designer). I own my own domain. My site is a dance training website with embedded videos. It is completely finished but I have not published it yet.
My goal is to turn my website into a paid membership that automatically integrates with Paypal. Students will pay once, enter, and take the training course. They should have access for one or two years. I want everything to be automatic.

I know there are many scripts that will turn my site into a paid membership site that are supposed to be quick and easy to set up. However, most of the scripts I found will not integrate with Weebly Pro which I think is an Ajax site. I'm worried that this will be a problem.

I don't want to have to rebuild the entire site somewhere else because I just finished building it. I know there has got to be a simple solution.
If you're interested or need more info, contact me at: [Email link removed by moderator]
I am on a limited budget so I'll need a quote.
Many thanks!