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Not like Paul that doesn't know what is 'static' used for, or the other guy that just justify it telling: "it is buggy code".
Others had told you why it was buggy. There was no need for me to repeat what they had said. You seemed to be clinging to the notion that because it worked for you, it was good code. Anybody with a little experience with code like that will tell you what a pain it is to debug, as it appears to work on your computer, but crash or malfunction on your customer's. These days with so many different operating systems in use, so many different networking options and possible configurations, it's really crucial that you write compliant code, rather than relying on specific compiler, OS or hardware behavior, that works randomly rather than by design.

Good luck with that attitude. Personally, I don't think it will get you very far, and coming in as a novice and insulting senior posters such as Paul is beyond ridiculous. What was the point of this thread anyway?