I used SQLConfigDataSource to create a MS Access file, it works fine. But, right after the creation of the file, I want to create a session to it using CDataSource::Open. The code to open a Database works fine with a database already created, but if I try to open a database that has just been created with SQLConfigDataSource, it fails.

So, right after the creation with SQLConfigDataSource, I tried to open manually the database by double-clicking on it and it said that the database is already in use. So, I think that's the reason why I can't open it with DataSource::Open.

But, the database created is not used by anybody.

So,when I use this code, is there a close() function or something similar I should use, I cannot find it.
BOOL created = SQLConfigDataSource(NULL, ODBC_ADD_DSN, L"Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)", createPath.c_str());