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Thread: How to fit application on smaller laptop

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    Question How to fit application on smaller laptop

    We have developed MDI application on 17 inch monitor in VC++ 2010 MFC.
    But now management wants application to run on 10 inch laptop.
    Application does not fit,it goes out of screen.
    Please tell me how to fit application on smaller screen
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    Re: How to fit application on smaller laptop

    It is not the screen size: it is the pixel resolution you need to worry about.. What is the pixel resolution of your 17" screen and what is the pixel resolution of your 10" screen. In the worst case, you have developed your application for a 1920x1200 screen and they want to run it on a 1024x600 screen.

    The other question is what other screen resolutions do you need to run on. Not screen size: pixel resolution. I've got a 10" screen that is 1280x800 and a crappy 15" screen that is 1366x768.

    Presumably it is only the dialogs that are more than 1024x600 that you need to worry about. If there is too much information, could it be split into tabs? Could scrollbars be added? If it is graphics, then you need to rethink the dialog.

    Title bars can be reduced in size so they don't take up too much room. Things that look miniscule on a 1920x1200 look huge on a 1024x600.

    Are there menus that extend below the bottom of the screen? The font size could be reduced or the menus rearranged.

    Does the OK/Cancel button appear below the bottom of the screen? There is more horizontal space than vertical space: could they go on the side? If it doesn't need a button, could you train the user to use alt+f4 to close the dialog? Then all that is needed is the title bar.

    The other thing is how long have they given you to do it?
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