hi to everyone.
not sure if this is the proper place to post this question - if it is not, then please accept my apology.

i am trying to find out how to use a try/catch in the backgroundworker completed code block?

the situation is this:
i have a grid that is refreshing and the refresh is attached to a background worker.
everything seems to be going good. except for 1 hiccup -

seems if i click on the button that is attached to the posting of my grid - and this click event happens to
take place at the same time my background worker is in a refresh state - i will recieve the error of "it is in use"
when i hit continue through this error - my grid will refresh and carry on its merry way.

it is not happening all the time - just at the odd times my refresh is coinciding with my button click event.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!