Hello all,

Can I do this? I realize that cout is just throwing data to the shell console. This is what I have for a routine that I want to call over and over again for decimal numbers 1 to 65535 (pseudo):

public static int bin(int in)

int binary = 0;

      Do 'until quotient2 = 0
         quotient2 = ROUND(dec / base2); //round this down.
         remainder2 = dec Mod base2; //get remainder
         binary = remainder2 + binary;
         dec = quotient2;
            If (dec == 0) {
               break; }
   bin = binary;


The thing that is key here is that the console produce the values at a certain speed because they're going to be presented like that during a presentation as a joke. I believe I can use the sleep() function for that, right?

Is there anyway to make this happen on a stand alone basis? for instance right now I'm using c++ VS 2010 and the only way I know to get printouts to the shell window is to compile the source files and run the exe.

I just want something similar to a small .bat that you can run through the windows shell. Can I get that with C++ or any other language to do this? I can probably google this but you guys are so awesome here you know, that it's worth asking here too!

thanks guys.