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    How to lock in a single skeleton in Microsoft Kinect SDK v 1.7 using vc++?

    I m trying to lock a single skeleton using Microsoft Kinect SDK v 1.7 . My requirements are
    • First lock a single skeleton.
    • Check the tracking state of the of the locked skeleton.
    • If the tracking state of the locked skeleton is NOT Tracked,then
    • ----->check for the next closest skeleton
    • ----->lock this skeleton.
    How do I do this using vc++2010. The code which i tried is given below.

    TrackSingleSkeleton(NUI_SKELETON_FRAME* pSkeletonFrame)
    	 for (int i = 0; i < NUI_SKELETON_COUNT; i++)
    		const NUI_SKELETON_DATA & skeleton = pSkeletonFrame->SkeletonData[i];
    		if (skeleton.eTrackingState == NUI_SKELETON_TRACKED)
    			dwTrackingIDs[0] = skeleton.dwTrackingID;
    			dwTrackingIDs[1] = 0; // or 0, if you want to track only one
    		 else if(skeleton.eTrackingState == NUI_SKELETON_POSITION_ONLY)
    			dwTrackingIDs[0] = skeleton.dwTrackingID;
    			dwTrackingIDs[1] = 0;
    		 if (dwTrackingIDs[0] > 0)
    			m_pNuiSensor->NuiSkeletonSetTrackedSkeletons(dwTrackingIDs); // Track this skeleton
    But here i m not able to lock the skeleton.Help pls...

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    Re: How to lock in a single skeleton in Microsoft Kinect SDK v 1.7 using vc++?

    Two things to try (not an expert in this area):
    1) Create an array with std::vector and dynamically pass in valid id values. Your approach creates a fixed array which contains some zero values (which may be okay).
    2) Check the return value from NuiSkeletonSetTrackedSkeletons and see if the method returns an error.

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