I have a client server program using UPD created in MFC. In the server there are two listboxes. The first one displays the ip addresses of the connected clients.
I want the second listbox to display the MAC address when i click the ip address from the listbox.

So how can I get the MAC address of the client by clicking the ip address in the first listbox?

so i used this code to get the MAC address:
IP_ADAPTER_INFO AdapterInfo[16];			// Allocate information for up to 16 NICs
	DWORD dwBufLen = sizeof(AdapterInfo);		// Save the memory size of buffer

	DWORD dwStatus = GetAdaptersInfo(			// Call GetAdapterInfo
		AdapterInfo,							// [out] buffer to receive data
		&dwBufLen);								// [in] size of receive data buffer
	assert(dwStatus == ERROR_SUCCESS);			// Verify return value is valid, no buffer overflow

	PIP_ADAPTER_INFO pAdapterInfo = AdapterInfo;// Contains pointer to current adapter info
	do {
		PrintMACaddress(pAdapterInfo->Address);	// Print MAC address
		pAdapterInfo = pAdapterInfo->Next;		// Progress through linked list
	while(pAdapterInfo);						// Terminate if last adapter
the code above just provides the currents computer mac address so it doesn't matter which ip address i click in the listbox because it only displays the same mac address
can someone please provide some code to do this